Dilemas contemporáneos: Educación, Política y Valores

Publisher: Asesorías y tutorías para la investigación científica en la Educación Puig-Salabarrí

ISSN: 2007-7890




Contemporary dilemmas: Education, Politics and Values (Dilemas contemporáneos: Educación, Política y Valores) is a quarterly electronic publication edited by Consultants and tutoring for the scientific research in the Education Puig-Salabarría (Asesorías y tutorías para la investigación científica en la Educación Puig-Salabarría S.C.).


The journal was founded in April 2013 with the aim of publishing articles of academic and research nature in the fields of Education, Politics and Values, which promote a space for reflection, exchange and update of knowledge in our readers (teachers, students, researchers, managers, politicians and anyone interested in issues of social, political, economic and cultural impact).


The journal publishes articles in Spanish language which haven't been previously published, and presents research results at national and international level in the fields of Sciences of Education, Pedagogical Sciences, Political Sciences and Axiology, as well as topics, that related to the mentioned fields, provide knowledge from theoretical, practical, theoretical-practical, and methodological perspectives of those fields of knowledge, and encourage the meeting of researchers and academics under sciences fundamentals. In addition, this journal accepts scientific papers and keynote lectures presented in national and international events, interviews with academics and researchers of well-known prestige, as well as any other issue that may be of interest of the journal and its readers. The viewpoints expressed by the authors do not necessarily reflect the position of the editorial staff.


The journal does not accept articles, which are being simultaneously subjected to a process of review by other journals. The article submitted to the journal has to comply with the above requirement, and the author, just at sending it, declares being aware of and accepting the requirement.  


The journal has an external scientific board from national and international specialists in the fields of the journal publication. All articles are subjected to a double blind peer-reviewed rigorous evaluation process, in which evaluators (internal and externals) carried out the review process. This is done by at least an internal evaluator and two external evaluators, all specialists in the subject, who have to issue a favorable report as a prerequisite to its acceptance. In case recommendations are made to the article, the author will be contacted and must confirm the willingness to perform them. If an affirmative response is not received at a certain period of time to carry out the recommendations, the article is considered as rejected.


Contemporary dilemmas: Education, Politics, and Values e-journal provides immediate open access of all its content to the public for free on the Internet and therefore, supports a greater exchange of global knowledge.