International Journal of Educational Innovations

Publisher: Karim Vafaeeseresht




International Journal of Educational Innovations (IJEI) aims to provide an international platform where new theories, research insights and case studies can be published and shared internationally. IJEI promotes and encourages a broad understanding of innovations in education in order for theoreticians and practitioners from different backgrounds to share knowledge and ideas on this important issue. IJEI covers a wide range of educational innovations at school and university levels. Manuscripts dealing with innovations in teaching arts, language & literature, foreign languages, music, philosophy, theater, biology, chemistry, engineering, health & medicine, mathematics, physics, accounting, physical education, psychology, sociology, etc. are welcomed. Topics covered include Theoretical understandings and innovations Dilemmas/tensions of education Policy issues of education Leadership/change management issues of education Training and development issues of education Critical aspects of education Technologies, techniques and tools of education Education quality assurance systems School/university accountability Teacher accountability Innovative solutions for education challenges Emergence of new forms of education Diversity in current/future education landscape Collaborative methods and approaches of education Evaluation issues of education