Research Journal in Organizational Psychology and Educational Studies

Publisher: Emerging Academy Resources

ISSN: 2276-8475




The Research Journal of Organizational Psychology and Educational Studies is a Quarterly journal, and publishes empirical and conceptual papers which aim to increase understanding of people and organizations at work, to provide professional communication among researchers and professionals in organizational psychology and educational studies, to publish the results of new organizational-psychological  and educational studies, to implement new academic and applied developments in practical work with organizations and to attract young colleagues to the professional community of organizational psychologists. Its domain is broad, covering industrial, organizational management, psychology, vocational and personnel psychology, educational psycology, management studies, educational studies as well as behavioural and cognitive aspects of industrial relations, ergonomics, human factors and industrial sociology. Innovative or interdisciplinary approaches with a psychological emphasis are particularly welcome. So are papers which develop the links between occupational/organizational psychology and other areas of the discipline, such as social and cognitive psychology.
We welcome the following varieties of paper:
• Empirical research papers, containing new quantitative or qualitative data which address significant theoretical and/or practical concerns;

• Papers which offer new theory and conceptualisation, perhaps accompanied by a critique of existing approaches;
• Narrative and/or quantitative reviews of existing research which lead to new conclusions or insights into a field of research and/or practice;
• Prescriptive articles advocating changes in research paradigms, methods, or data analytic techniques;
• Analyses of practice in organizational psychology, where such analyses are driven by theory and/or sound data.

The journal provides in-depth coverage of reports of high quality educational research involving any discipline and methodology.

The Journal's topics of interest for the educational biased scholars encompass teaching and learning, child development, charter schools, federal and state education policies, accountability measures, home schooling, student achievement assessment, and innovative school reforms, national, neo-liberal, neo-conservative, postmodernist and other analyses of policy developments, as well as those that attempt to report on, analyse and develop transformative policy for schooling and education and also addresses issues of social class, 'race', gender, disability and capitalism. With its expansion from a state to a national medium, the Journal aspires to serve as a juried source for the latest emerging empirical research on current issues in education, as well as significant policy development