JP Journal of Geometry and Topology

Publisher: Pushpa Publishing House

ISSN: 0972-415X



Scope: The JP Journal of Geometry and Topology is a peer-reviewed international journal, which publishes original research papers and survey articles in all aspects of geometry and topology and their applications. Topics in detail to be covered are: Algebraic Geometry (including arithmetical algebraic geometry) & complex Manifolds Algebraic Topology and Homotopy Theory Differential Equations on Manifolds Differential Geometry Differential Topology Geometrical approaches to Dynamical Systems and Partial Differential Equations Global Analysis and Global Riemannian Geometry Lie Groups and Lie Algebras and their Representations Local and Global Differential Geometry Low Dimensional Topology Non-Commutative Differential Geometry Quantum Groups and their Representations Real and Complex Differential Geometry The Calculus of Variations on Manifolds Topology of Manifolds Geometrical aspects of Mathematical Physics and Relations with Manifold Topology. General, Geometric and Set-theoretic facets of topology as well as areas of interactions between topology and other mathematical disciplines, e.g. topological algebra, topological dynamics, functional analysis, category theory. Since the roles of various aspects of topology continue to change, the papers on non-specific topics are also welcome