Istanbul Gelisim University Journal of Social Sciences

Publisher: Istanbul Gelisim University Press

ISSN: 2148-7189



Scope: Our Journal is an international and peer-reviewed and will be issued biannually in April and October. In addition to Turkish articles, the Journal shall also publish articles in English, German, French and Russian languages. According to the decision by the Publication Board, the Journal includes a maximum of eight articles. Henceforth, the articles will be published on a first-come first-served basis and thus the refereeing process will begin. Those articles, which are approved by the referees but cannot be published on grounds of space availability, will be published in the forthcoming issues. It is no doubt that our Journal’s success depends on contributions from academics and researchers of social sciences from Turkey and all over the world. We share the belief that we shall publish more comprehensive issues owing to your contributions and the meticulous work of Journal boards.