Publisher: RCDST (Research Center on the Dialogue between Science & Theology)

ISSN: 2392–9928




The goal of the Virtual Conference on the Dialogue between Science and Theology (DIALOGO (Proceedings of the Conferences on the Dialogue between Science and Theology)) is twofold. First it aims to collect high-quality, authoritative, well-documented information on topics placed at the intersection of science and religion. Secondly, it makes an effort to provide a way for leading scholars to share and exchange their views, as well as to comment on the opinions of their peers regarding particular aspects of science and religion. This might include ways to challenge the boundaries within and between religion and science, and or between and within the academy, as well as the boundaries of the sacred and secular, of reason and faith. Ultimately, we want to ask how queer religion, science and philosophy, can and/or should be.

The annual “DIALOGO” CONFERENCES promote reflection and research on important public issues to which Christian theology (not exclusivly) can make a constructive contribution and is essential in the relation between science and religion in this era; scientists are also invited to manifest their ideas/theories on the topics in a constructive manner.