Detailed Science (Journals) Evaluation Analysis

To calculate ASI-Score of a journal following of parameters would be considered:

1 Scientific quality: 40%
2 Editorial diversity and quality: 12%
3 International availability: 8%
4 On-time publication: 25%
5 Technical quality: 15%

Total: 100%

Detailed Music Evaluation Analysis

To calculate ASI-Score of a music, future ranking metrics of musics/arts, following parameters would be considered:

A Originality: The first score in evaluation of a music is originality (15%).

In case of detection of any copy-right/intellectual-property violation at any level, the music is rejected promptly at the first stage of evaluation process.

B Innovation: Novelty of message and the way it is transferred to listener.

Any evolution/innovation/changing in routines to making difference can increase this score

C Content: Construction of piece, lyrics, composition, arrangement, instrumentation (12%).

D Delivery: Well execution of vocals and instrumentals (8%).

E Delivery of Complexity: The level of reduction of possible complexity of music's message by artist.

Reduction of ambiguity of message in order to transfer an understandable message to the listener (15%).

F Artist Engagement: Level of involvement of artist to the piece (10%).

G Involvement: Ratio of attention of listener to message divided by attention of listener to the melody (15%).

ASI-Score =(C+B*2)*A+D+Log(E*F*G)

In case that the estimated ASI-Score was above 0.6, ASI would assign a Unique Music Identifier Code (UMIC) to the Music. The UMIC is an permanent unique code which will be as identity of the Music. Using this code all the information of Music can be recovered.


1) The evaluation takes at least 4 weeks after application of music.

2) If music has an Innovation score (B) of more than 25%, it will be exempt of ASI-Score evaluation fee.

3) If ASI-Score of a music is improved by 10% during 6 months, it will be free of evaluation fee for the next year. This special offer encourages artists to improve their products quality in the shape and content.